Make a Statement with Your Tax Refund

April home decor_photo by Melanie Levi

If you’re expecting a windfall from the feds or the state via your tax refund, be sure you put it to good use. Here’s my fiscal advice: invest in a statement piece to spruce up your home with some fresh décor.

A statement piece can be whatever suits your fancy, but choose wisely. All your other décor should complement or match it. Generally, a statement piece is something large: a piece of furniture, large artwork, a funky mirror, or an area rug. It should dominate the space and catch one’s eye before anything else in the room.

A statement piece should be a bold color or pattern that will set the tone for the entire space. My favorite look is a couple of bright, patterned side chairs. I’d pair them with my neutral sofas and other less-than-distinct furniture to focus on and accent the fun pattern I chose. Then I’d add pops of color that pull from the pattern.

April home decor_photo by Emily Orpin

If you’re at a loss as to what accents you should select, consider the following ideas. Pick out pillows or a throw blanket in the shades of your favorite hue in the pattern. Paint a piece of furniture to match and give it new life. Find some curtains or a couple of lamp shades that highlight the main color.

If you want to sweat the small stuff, you can get super detailed. Add colorful mattes to framed photos, display vases (or flowers in a vase) in your favorite shade, or add a trendy monogram or word in wood letters painted to showcase your color of choice.

Remember, all of these elements should relate to your original statement piece to allow for a cohesive feel. Unless you’re aiming for a bohemian or eclectic look, streamline your décor with one or two colors. Hint: if you need help choosing colors for your room, check out my color psychology blog to determine the right ambiance.

April home decor_photo by Justina Blakeney

Not interested in spending big bucks for a “pow” in home décor? You don’t have to liquidate your entire tax refund! To avoid breaking the bank, consider investing in standard-size pillows, and switching covers whenever your décor needs rejuvenation. Or scope out the spray paint at your local home improvement store – it’s cheaper than the craft stores we all know and love. Look for special discounts, coupons or sales on your favorite pieces or for your favorite shops. Then there’s always my preferred past-time: perusing resale and thrift stores for unique finds.

Whether you pick out a brand new chevron area rug in a bright palette, dress up your seating with sassy side chairs, or add a fresh coat of paint to your dresser: seize this opportunity to make a statement.

By Meridian Herman Lupu

Photos by (from top to bottom): Melanie Levi; Emily Orpin; Justina Blakeney