A Frame Up Job


Frames hold seemingly endless possibilities for creative home décor. From embellishing the frame itself, to designing a piece of art inside or around it, you can do a lot more than mount family photos.

My top 7 frame ideas:

1)      Where is your favorite vacation destination? Frame a map of the city or country that holds meaning to you.  Remember, this is your artwork: consider fooling around in photo editor with different colors, pick a unique topography perspective, or draw a heart around your favorite spot.

2)      There is no need to settle for the everyday boards anymore. Customize your cork or chalkboard by adding a chic frame around the border. You can go one step further and cover the cork with decorative fabric or spray paint the cork your favorite color.

3)      Put together a personalized breakfast tray. I recommend using a large, deep frame or adding draw pulls for handles to a standard, flatter one. I made one for my mom with some of her favorite family photos; it is a much-loved gift!

4)      Dress up a boring votive. Using three or four frames glued together, form a triangle or square/diamond shape. Remove the backing so light can shine through. The frames surround the votive, I prefer flameless to be on the safe side, for an easy personalized centerpiece. I made one of these for my mom, too. What can I say? She loves my craftiness!

5)      Make your own monogram – either a single letter or your family name. This could be three dimensional with a letter attached to the frame or stenciled directly on the glass of the frame. You could even use the aforementioned fabric, and combine two ideas into one.

6)      Pick and print your favorite phrase, inspirational quote, or a cute pun or two. Think, a framed print of “Good Morning, Sunshine,” greeting you over your bathroom sink, or “It’s a grate day for cooking!” in your kitchen. A couple of my friends have done these frame jobs in their adorable abodes and I think it is brilliant.

7)      Draw a picture or design with permanent markers or paint on the glass and hang on the wall without the frame backing. Whether you want a classic black marker or paint your own version of Oak Park-style art glass, a frame without the cardboard backing or matting is a perfect opportunity to spice up a plain white wall in your rental.

Or, do not put anything in the frame at all. I was visiting another cute apartment (rented by a Housing Center client), and saw that she had hung frames of a variety of shapes, colors and sizes above her kitchen sink. They were all empty, but it looked like they were supposed to be displayed that way.

My advice: think outside the box and reinvent your old frames. Get the Picture?

By Meridian Herman Lupu

Photo by www.allthingsthrifty.com

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